My Personal Goal For This Business...

To give you photographs that tug at your heartstrings every time you look at them. I want to give you photographs that prove to your family and friends what you have known all along, your newborn truly is an angel here on earth. I want to give you photographs that help you forget the backaches and swollen feet that came with being pregnant because your consumed with remembering how amazing it was to carry life inside your tummy, and the bond you had with your child before you even really met them for the first time. I want to give you photographs that remind you of the love and happiness you had flooding your heart that exact moment I snapped the picture of your family. I have always been intrigued by photography and in the last year or so since my daughter was born I have become mesmerized by the tiny miracle her father and I created. I feel you can see through the walls a person puts up, into their true self, just by looking at their picture. I feel photography captures something deep, something honest about a person. I feel being a Mommy does the very same thing. Once my daughter was here and the hustle and bustle of motherhood started, I thought it would be hard for me to remember the wonders of it all, So I started to capture all the new emotions, all of the wiggles, the giggles, the tears, the smiles and the LOVE with my camera. I am truly thankful that I did. I have decided to help others remember their moments. The moments that are so special they will remember them for eternity, but might like to have a photograph to make their smile even bigger when they do. I would like you to become an important part of my life, help mold me into a better photographer, let me take your photograph. I am a mother and an aunt of small babies so I understand accidents happen, therefore I only use fabric backdrops and floor coverings so it can all be washed between appointments. My prices are extremely reasonable because I would like you to come as often as you wish.

If you would like to view some of my photographs feel free. To the right on this page select the drop down arrow next to a month & then select the name to see photos from that session.

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Played around in the living room with Little Miss Davis today (the daughter of a friend), we didnt have any lights and we used a blanket instead of a backdrop, but she was to adorable not to post!

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First Year Of Life Family Package!

With all the new mommas springing up around here how can I not come up with a special for your family's new additions! This package will include your newborn session, three months, six months, nine months, and one year photograph sessions! All sessions will have the choice of on location (outside of the lake region area there will be a travel charge, email/call for details) or in studio, you will be able to incorporate up to three people in each session (including yourself) with no extra charge, and will receive all of your photographs in full resolution, in color, black and white, and also some extra edits within one week of each session. if you split these sessions up it will end up costing around 300$, but because I have a new found appreciation for mommies and a love for all these beautiful children I keep seeing, I am running this special for only 200$. I will be doing this for all babies born in 2009! I understand some of you may have some tight budgets right now so if you are interested please dont be shy, email or call me and I promise we can work something out!

Packages & Prices

Package 1. (45$)

This package includes a one time sitting giving you one to two hours of photo time and anyplace from 40-100 photographs. Each picture taken will be in color and black and white. You will receive a cd with all of your photos in full resolution within one week of the day of your shoot. You will be able to print from your cd. (add an additional 10$ for any on location shoots outside the Melrose Keystone Heights Area.)

Package 2. ($55)

Maternity: this package includes everything the first one does except takes a little more time than a normal package because you get as many outfit changes as you want. All noticeable stretch marks will be edited away unless you state otherwise. You may include up to three people with no additional charge. (Including yourself)